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Most children and adults should see their dentist for a regular cleaning and checkup every six months. People at a greater risk for oral diseases should have dental checkups more than twice a year.


Talk to your dentist about how often you should come in for a visit.

Cosmetic restoration

A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of a face. With dentistry's many advances, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, or misshapen teeth. You now have choices that can help you smile with confidence.

Dr. Joseph Smith

Dr. Smith is a native of Taylorville and as a child was a patient at MIDA. Joe and his wife Jan have seven children all of whom have attended St. Mary's School. After graduating from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry in Chicago, Joe returned to Taylorville to join MIDA. Sports is Joe's passion, he was a basketball coach at St. Mary's for many years and also served as their athletic director.

Dr. Bob Huss

Dr. Huss is a native of Assumption, a small community just a few miles from Taylorville. As with Dr. Smith he was a patient at MIDA as a child. After graduating from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1972 Bob spent two years in the US Army before joining MIDA. Bob is an avid cyclist and can be seen cycling around Christian Co. most weekends. Bob and his wife Janet, a registered nurse, have two children. His daughter is our dental hygienist.

Dr. John Ferry

Dr. John Ferry is the son of the founder Dr. George Ferry and joined MIDA in 1976. Dr. Ferry graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry and immediately joined MIDA. John and his wife Susan have five children, all of whom have left the nest. Outside MIDA John is very active in civic clubs and activities concerned with the city. Susan has her own business, and works at MIDA in the back office doing the daily accounting.


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